With the policies of global incandescent lamp phase-out, energy conservation and emission reduction, LED lighting is widely used at home and abroad and the penetration is also rapidly improved. Global lighting sales are 1,517.6 billions of dollars in 2014. The sales will be 1,616.3 billions of dollars in 2015, which improves 6.5% than last year. So you can see that LED lighting has the very broad market prospect. What’s more, LED driver will represent a wide-open market.

With the development of LED technique, the application permeates through many fields completely. As the heart of LED lighting, LED driver plays a significant role. Thus it can be seen that the development ofled power driver concerns the prospect of LED industry.

LED industry is just like luxurious LED lighting which is more attractive. With the intense competition, the price reduction is not only the marketing method of the manufacturers but the market behavior which benefits the customers. Philip said that its price would be lowest than other manufacturers in the future. Facing competition intense price war, many manufacturers had exited the LED lighting market. Nowadays, the whole LED industry do its best to reduce the costs, meanwhile, LED driver also reduces. In order to keep this low price, the enterprises will face great challenge of improving product performance and prolonging working time. Moreover, Smart’ engineers devote themselves to researching high quality and high performance LED driver by bringing in new designs and new techniques.

It is very popular that 100 lamps don’t work, just because 99 LED drivers go wrong. The actual using time is shorter than the theoretical value. The root cause is the failure of LED driver. In fact, how to improve the cost performance and quality is more important for manufacturers. With the development of dimmable led driver techniquein the future, the lighting system and mode will be not confined to the existing. There will be more humanistic, wonderful and colorful. Therefore LED driver technique must keep us with the development trend which is more intelligent, energy saving. Intelligent driver technique will be a mainstream of LED driver in the future.


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